Since 2002

Concord Aluminum Railings is a leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of aluminum railings, aluminum fence, aluminum gates and other outdoor products. Our breadth and depth of our large product offering, product knowledge and quality has gained Concord recognition by many contractors and home owners. We have recognition in the U.S. through trade shows like FENCE TECH and local Ontario shows. Concord Aluminum Railings is proud to be part of the Stairs and Railings Association (SARA) which supports contractors, engineers, builders and manufacturers in Canada to help establish standards and guidelines for stairs and the railing industry.


Concord Aluminum Railings prides itself in the quality workmanship and stringent manufacturing processes to achieve elegant aluminum products and more. Our staff is qualified and trained to make products to beautify homes, cottages, decks, and low-rise buildings. Concord’s lead times are 2 weeks for standard rails and 3 weeks for decorative. In exceptional cases we can manufacture within a few days for extreme urgencies. Concord is always stocked with materials to eliminate wait times at time of order placement.

Why Concord?

Consider one of the oldest business philosophies, “Time is Money”. We save you a great deal of installation time for contractors and installers. Once you have supplied accurate measurements and drawings, we will manufacture the rails precisely for a quick, tight clean fit. Concord Aluminum Railings products are designed for easy installation with its bunt and tech screw system. Basically once you have lined up and installed your posts and spindle, you just then “bunt”, and tech screw the rail system or fence to the spindle. After all sections are complete, just place your clip covers on for a clean finish. Aluminum rails are an attractive and affordable alternative to wood or wrought iron. Concord’s selective products are Low Maintenance and will look great for years to come.